VAT Relief

Customers in the UK and other EU countries may be eligible for 20% VAT relief if they need to wear a wig or hair piece due to a medical reason (ie- alopecia; chemotherapy treatment). This VAT relief also applies to any accessories and after care products that will be used with the wig or hair piece used for medical reasons. 

HMRC has issued the following notice which sets out which goods and services can have the zero rate applied and customer eligibility.

For further assistance with checking your eligibility you can contact HMRC:-


If you are eligible to reclaim your VAT then please follow these steps:-

1. Complete the VAT Relief Claim Form below.

2. Create an account on our website (if you have not done so already). You can do this by clicking on this symbol in the top right hand corner of our website. 



Once these steps have been completed and we have verified your claim we will add your details to our VAT Exempt database and send you a notification within 24 hours of the verification. This will enable an automatic 20% VAT deduction on wigs, toppers or hairpieces at the checkout when you make your next purchase.

Please be aware that there are penalties for making false declarations. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT you should consult the notice mentioned above or contact HMRC.

By signing the form you are verifying that you are eligible to reclaim the VAT as defined in the guide mentioned above. You only have to complete the form once for all your future orders.

If your medical condition clears you will not be eligible to claim VAT relief and Kristina Young Hair Additions should be updated on your change in circumstances. The customer database can then be updated accordingly.

Orders should be placed by the person who is eligible to reclaim the VAT relief. If this is not possible then it is permissable for your representative to place the order on your behalf.

Incomplete information will delay your VAT exempt account being set up.

It is possible to make a historical claim for purchases from Kristina Young Hair Additions for a period of 4 years prior to the date of the order. 



I declare that I am chronically sick or have a disabling condition as described below.

I am claiming that I am entitled to receive wigs/hairpieces from Kristina Young Hair Additions, 37 Elmleigh, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9EZ, United Kingdom at zero-rate due to medical exemption whilst my condition remains.

I agree that all information that given above is 100% correct.

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